Thursday, February 10, 2005

Killing time...

waiting for my darling to come home. I'm disappointed tonight, as I had to tell my friends that I wouldn't be joining them for a mom's night out dinner and movie on Saturday. It's just not in the budget this week. I also had to decline a scrapbooking get together tomorrow morning, as I'm working. Not my usual morning to work, but I switched from Tuesday to be parent helper at Alexander's preschool. Feh. Ah well. We're getting together again on Sunday, and I can actually attend that one. (Stampin' Up party. Whoot!)

My album thingy sold on eBay. Happy, and yay. Next up, page kits. This is all going to fund my trip to Nashville in March:
Hotel and classes are all paid for, so anything I make on eBay is spending money for the vendor fair and restaurants. I refuse to take money from the family funds for that if I don't have to. I've got an internet buddy who has pulled in $350 for Nashville selling page kits on eBay over the past few weeks. Hopefully I can do as well.

My darling is home, it's off to bed for me.

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