Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Brunch for February 20, 2005

Today's Sunday Brunch

"Turn them on, turn them on, turn on those sad songs. When all hope is
gone, why don't you tune in and turn them on?" -Elton John

1) Do you have a song with your significant other and what is it? Not really.
2) Name three songs that were special to you with former significant
others. Do you still think of that person when you hear it? Nope.
3) What is your favorite song of the moment? Blessed Be by Tree63.
4) Do you associate songs with time periods? Give an example. I guess. Certain songs I still listen to remind of when I first discovered them. One Vision by Queen when I first saw the movie Iron Eagle.
5) If you were to give your job a theme song, what song would it be and
why? Dare to be Stupid by Weird Al.

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