Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Where Kev Is From

The Happy Husband has once again posted about his collection of Where I am From poems.
I finally took the hint and decided to take
the template and make my own. (Rubi: you should too!)

Here it are:

I am from books, from Star Wars, and church.

I am from the old white house on the top of the hill, the buried bomb shelter in the backyard.

I am from rolling hills, enthralling woods. From private education. Long bus rides.

I am from Christmas with family, big noses, from Julius and Henry, from grandparents known and unknown.

I am from the married, the lower middle class.

From parents who love their children no matter what, and "be careful who you have as friends".

I am from Christianity, God's saving grace through his Son, Jesus.

I'm from Evansville Indiana, from Germany and Poland, chili and pizza.

From the loss of seven teeth all at once, the bad choices, and the triumphs.

I am from walls of pictures, boxed up memories in closets, a thick album of wedding pictures, digital photos on CD-ROMs, and scrapbooks my wife creates; A life and lives intertwined. Love and laughter. Family and Friends. Present and Past and times to come.


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