Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stuff and Things

The previous post was brought to you by 43 Things.
Wait.. 43 different things didn't bring you the post... Just one thing brought the post, the website 43 Things... Oh nevermind...
I signed up on 43 Things. They say it's a list of 43 goals you want to accomplish, but if you sign up, on the script you can put on your blog, it says "I am doing xx things:"... And while I'd like to do the things I've put on my 43 things list, I actually am not doing them. They are goals I'd like to accomplish at some point.
And I don't have 43 things on my list yet. So far, just three things.

I signed up to be a reviewer for Mind & Media. Stacy's blog is for promoting authors, publishers, and reviewers of faith-based media (books, DVDs, etc.). She also has two other websites at Einvolved and MediaSoul.

I signed up with Link2Blogs, as you can see at the end of the right column.

That's it for now... I have to go tape American Idol for Rubi.

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