Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tales from the mom side.

We're so busy around here in all the best ways.

My veggie garden is flourishing. It's my first really good one in...well, ever. I'm struggling to keep ahead of the weeds, and slowly succeeding. Can't wait until things are ready to eat.
My decorative plants? Not so much. I planted Lamb's Ear, Yarrow, and Black Eyed Susan. Yesterday, I gave in and uprooted the Lamb's Ear. I'm fairly sure they're not supposed to be practically white, and crunchy. They were deader than a couple of doornails. (What does that mean, anyway?)
The Yarrow and B.E.S. are struggling along. I'm babying them like crazy, hoping they take hold.
Oh yeah, we re-seeded the yard for a second time. The first round of seeding did beautifully, except for some places that were previously completely bare. Those patches still looked pretty sparse, so Kev gave them a second round, and it's starting to come in. Yay!

Kev is working 12 hours today, and had to leave at a little after 6AM. The kids all planted themselves in front of the TV when they got up, and I wound up sleeping until 8. Bliss.

Right now I'm taking a short break from laundry, dishes, ironing, etc. But I'm getting quite a bit of housework caught up, and feel SO accomplished. Later this morning, I'm heading to Rural King for a few gardening things to do some outside work. I'm loving this.

Elizabeth has two new missions in life. The first is to lick her elbow. She saw yesterday on Zoom that it's not possible, and is bound and determined to prove them wrong. If anyone can do it, it'll be little Miss Bound-And-Determined.

The second one is to be baptized. She recently declared herself ready, so I discussed it with her quite a bit. She certainly sounds ready. I've been praying about it, and hopefully Kev is as well. Tomorrow at church I'm going to talk to the youth pastor about it.

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