Friday, June 24, 2005

Domestic victories, sticker shock, civic pride, and parental oopsies.

Or, the short version of the title: Misc.

Catherine went #2 on the potty yesterday all on her own. No encouragement, suggestion, etc. I was at Elizabeth's soccer practice and Kev called me on the cell to let me know. Apparently, Alexander, the self-appointed potty monitor, came running into the living room bellowing that Catherine was going. This has been SUCH a struggle, we've been seriously wondering if she was going to have to postpone preschool for another year. So, yay! Keep it up, kiddo.

Other domestic-ish victory. I went to a scrapbooking yard sale last night, and picked up a 6-drawer Iris cart, about the height of my 8yo dd, for $5. Score!! For another $3, I snagged a bunch of brand new rubber stamps, including a Hero Arts stamp I've had my eye on at the store for a while. The rest were some very pretty florals. Whoo! [raise the roof chair dance]

Sticker shock. Our family trip to Holiday World is next week, and I'm flipping out over ticket prices. It's going to cost our family about $125 just to get in the gates, and that's including the discount coupons we picked up. [chokes] Too late to back out now, the kids would be HACKED, but I'm dying here.

Civic pride. I heard on the news this morning that Freedom Festival admission buttons have sold out, and they've had to switch to wristbands. This from a festival that has struggled badly in the past few years. Thanks, Blue Angels, for coming back!!

Parental oops? Kev picked up a gift for Catherine for going on the potty, and didn't look at it very closely. It was a "pretend" makeup and jewelry kit. Except the makeup part wasn't pretend. Lime green nail polish, lime green lipstick and lip gloss. Kev's little girls are NOT allowed to wear makeup or nail polish until they're 14. So he's trapped trying to explain to Catherine why he's taking away half of the gift he bought her.

Aaaand, I'll leave him to it and go to work.

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