Monday, June 13, 2005

Good Girls and Bad Girls

MCF is hosting another Blog Party!
This one is for favorite Femme Fatales and Formidable Females, or make a list of your favorite Heroines and Villainesseseseees.

Okay this is a tough one.

I didn't really read comics when I was younger, and only occasionally pick up a graphic novel now. I'm familiar with some of the female super heroes and villianesses, or at least I've heard their names. The only comics I read when I was younger were Transformers and GI Joe.
And while Scarlett could kick Cobra butt, I wouldn't put her in my list of favorites. Any of the other female Joes I'm familiar with couldn't hold a candle to Scarlett.

I remember watching Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman on TV when I was a kid. And Wonder Woman in the Super Friends. So that obviously leaves both of them off my list. I was reintroduced to Wonder Woman twice recently with Justice League on the Cartoon Network and in reading the graphic novel and novel versions of DCs Kingdom Come (which rocked). And I liked her better in those. But still.

I watched Birds of Prey on the WB. `Nuf said.

I watched the X-men cartoon when I was younger, and the recent movies, and I've picked up a couple of graphic novels recently. None of the female characters there make my list. Although Kitty Pride bears more investigation after reading the trade of Uncanny X-Men penned by Joss Whedon.

Leaving comics, and entering TV... while the genius of Sam Carter has saved the world/worlds/galaxy/galaxies occasionally, I don't think I'd put her on my list of favorite heroines.

I'm a Buffy fan, but don't think I would call her one of my favorite heroines, maybe pre-season 4 Buffy. After that, she wasn't really a hero anymore, at least not on a regular basis.

Princess Leia: nope. Cool, but no.

Padme: no. Well, maybe in TPM, but not after that.

Sara Pezzini in Witchblade? Maybe. But not on a consistent basis.

Okay... leaving TV, now to novels:
Honor Harrington from David Weber's Honorverse novels qualifies. She'll be on the list.

Mara Jade Skywalker from the Star Wars EU? Cool character, but not list-worthy.

Hmmm... that's three or four I guess. In no particular order.
-Honor Harrington from David Weber's novels. She overcame significant odds in Her Majesty's Royal Space Navy and on her adopted homeworld Grayson to get to her current position as an Admiral, and the first Lady Steadholder on her adopted homeworld. She's saved many worlds from tyranny, and basically helped win a war - only to have it flare up again a short time later. And she's got a cool familiar.
-Buffy pre-season 4. When she was really a heroine, and did heroic things frequently.
-Sara Pezzini from Witchblade. In-general a heroine, but basically just a cop with a supernatural rock on her wrist.
-Scarlett from GI Joe. She and Snake Eyes need to finally get together and be done with it.

I'm sure there are some obvious ones I've missed. And I haven't even touched real-life, history, mythology, etc.

Now villainesses:
Again, not real familiar with the comic book villainesses.

Drusilla from Buffy and Angel is definitely on the list. She's just fun! She's a few fries short of a happy meal, sees visions, and is really just wrong on so many levels.

Demona from Gargoyles. Betrayed her clan. Was cursed to live until her arch-nemesis died (so if she killed him, she'd die), joined up with the bad guy that brought her clan back to life... and was voiced by Marina Sirtis.

Diana from V. She was just evil.
Hmmmm.... There seems to be a theme there.

Harley Quinn from Batman:TAS is another fun one. I don't really remember her origins... but she called the Joker her "schnookums" or something like that, had a great laugh. (I'm not familiar with her in anything other Batman:TAS and Birds of Prey TV)

Takhisis, Queen of Darkness from Dragonlance. Oooh, evil dragon with 6 heads. And in the War of Souls series, she sneaks back to Krynn and tries to take over without letting the other gods know she's found Krynn again (which had been "missing". Long story, don't ask).

Kitiara Uth Matar, Dragon Highlord from Dragonlance War of the Lance- tragic villainess. Abandoned by her mother at a young age. Raised her younger twin brothers pretty much herself - Even though one went bad. Was in love with a Hero of the Lance.

That's my list. I've checked it twice. Now you know which females I think are ... yeah, I'm not going to finish that rhyme.

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