Friday, June 24, 2005


It's hot. Hot hot hot. Did I mention hot? Also? Ohhhh, the humidity. We're under an ozone alert.

So the Bayer family packed up a metric ton of bottled, half-frozen water and headed to the riverfront to sit in the sun, to watch the Blue Angels air show. Hot. Guh.

We were lucky enough to get right on the riverfront, where the breeze coming off the river made things bearable. The show was awesome. Catherine, whom I was most worried about, didn't freak over the noise at all - she loved it.
At one point, two of the FA-18's "snuck up" on the crowd, screaming in from behind and buzzing us. The noise was deafening, and Alexander wigged. Catherine, who was in my lap, turned around to me and shouted, "That was COOL!!" [shrug] All right. Loud noises, not an issue then.

Afterwards, the walk back to the van was icky. I swear we passed through the Mojave at one point. I insisted on coming home for a shower - my clothes were soaked. Once we arrived we decided to stick around for a while to cool down. In about an hour we're heading out again for more fun. Hot. Guh.

(But I'm still looking forward to it!)

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