Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm a woman on the edge.

Oh. My. Gosh. I have HAD IT. Why yes, this is ANOTHER griping post. I'm sure I'll feel better once it's all done. But feel free to ignore and wait for the next (happier) one.

Poor Kev has had to work 7PM until 7AM the past three days. The poor guy gets home, falls into bed, and sleeps until about two hours before he has to leave for work again. He's absolutely exhausted.

What this means to me, aside from missing my honey, is that I'm single mom-ing it. And being a single mom right about the time the summer blah's set in is NOT a good thing. The three of them are perpetually trying to kill one another. They're fighting, yelling, shoving, and hitting one another pretty much every waking hour. They've fallen into annoying forms of entertainment like taking the pack of construction paper I just bought and shredding every. single. sheet. into strips. Why? Who the heck knows. All I'm doing is breaking up fights and yelling at them to quit making a mess. This morning, they were pretty much settled in front of the TV, so I thought it was safe to slip off and take a shower. Right. Alexander got a sport bottle of lemonade from the fridge, and squirted it all over the living room. The carpeting is wet in big patches all over. And Catherine fished a bag out of the trash that used to contain powdered donuts, and sprinkled the leftover powder all over the (dark blue) sofa. I was in there for fifteen lousy minutes.

It's so hot that if I send them out back to play, one of them comes running in every five minutes asking for popsicles. Hello, flies. They stay for a total of twenty minutes before coming in for good. Really can't blame them.

I would kill for an hour to myself.

We've loaned my inlaws our car. Theirs doesn't have air conditioning right now. Instead of letting them drive around sweltering, Kev offered them his car. They're normally wonderful, but now they keep calling complaining that it's too loud. The muffler needs some work, but GEEZ. You're welcome. Kev got a little short with them last night, which he never does. He told them that if they didn't want the car, he wouldn't be offended if they said so. But nope, they want it. Sigh. They just want to complain a lot while they have it, I guess.

Alexander's birthday is in 8 days, and I haven't had any time to plan. I think we'll do the same Pizza Hut-cake-Build A Bear thing we did for Catherine's birthday. Simple, etc. Now just gotta figure out a gift. He wants a GameBoy, but I'm torn on that. He's going to be five, and it seems kind of young. [shrug]

Kim Possible. Gah. It's the only time the kids are quiet, so I'm letting them watch as much as they want, but it's REALLY starting to get on my nerves.

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