Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Resistance is futile, and not half as much fun.

I've been assimilated. It's been building for a while, but I'm a full fledged psycho soccer mom. I just returned from Elizabeth's soccer game, where I wore myself out shrieking at the top of my lungs from the sidelines. I was probably the loudest parent there, aside from the coaches. One of whom, a woman coaching for the opposing team, had some serious leather lungs. I was kind of jealous.
The other team was really good too, and nobody scored until near the end of the second quarter. Then it looked like one of Elizabeth's teammates was going to score. I actually came up out of my chair, howling things like "ALL THE WAY SABRINA!!! GO! GO GO! GOGOGOGOGOGOYEAAAAAHHHHH!!!" She scored. I managed to sit myself back down and wish someone had clapped a hand over my mouth. And/or shoved me back down in my chair.

Pretty typical of me lately. I scream and yell. I get annoyed when Elizabeth is put on defense, or on the sidelines. That's not too bad, though. This is a teaching league. Everyone plays every position. Everyone gets equal playing time. So I'm okay with that, although I vastly prefer to watch my kid barrelling down the field. Tonight I was the first parent out on the field after the game to do the bridge for them to run through. I probably annoy the dickens out of everyone around me. But until I start embarassing my own kid, that's okay. When she starts cringing, I'll shut up and sit down.

For now, I'll just enjoy myself and play by the rules I give Elizabeth: the most important part of being a good athlete is sportsmanship. Opponent does not equal enemy. A good clean, and friendly game is more important than any score. When you say "Good game" at the end, mean it.
So I'll be loud psycho soccer mom, but you'll never find me screaming derogatory things at the other team or being bummed when Elizabeth's team loses. Fun for me and marginally less irritating for those around me.

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