Monday, August 08, 2005

Blog Party: Where You Been

MCF is hosting another Blog Party!
This one about where I've been.

Let's see...
I've traveled around the world from London to the Bay.

No wait... that wasn't me.

Back to the non-lyrical travels of me:
And let me start by saying that I do not like to travel. I don't mind being at other places and quite frequently enjoy myself - it's the getting there and getting back that I don't like. I don't like to drive on unfamiliar roads in unfamiliar conditions (Indiana drivers are just plain morons. Tennessee drivers seemed very competent. Chicago driving is just plain fast!). That being said, I'm such a control freak that I won't let anyone else drive if I have a choice. When I'm in the passenger seat, I'm always second guessing the driver, and white knuckling the arm rests. Unless I'm riding with a police officer - that's usually good for some enjoyment and I have to trust that they've have training to control a vehicle at emergency speeds. But now that I think about it... If I had the money to travel at my leisure, I probably would. "Hey Rubi! Let's go to Chicago for dinner!"
But I digress.... Back to "Where I've Been" - the actual purpose of this party.

This summer we went to Holiday World. It was hot, but fun. Rubi and I have been there several times since we've been married, and I went there a few times as a kid also, when it was Santa Claus Land.

Last year we went to Disney World. It was hot, but fun.

While we were in Florida, we went to Cocoa Beach. Because it's on the ocean, it wasn't as hot, and quite fun! We also hit Universal Studios Orlando.

I've been to Indy many times. Some for work, some for play, once or twice on a school field trip, and once or twice when Rubi was working for Famous Barr and had some training there.

St. Louis is closer than Indy, and I've been there a few times as well; once for the zoo, and a couple times, again, when Rubi had to go there for training with Famous Barr.

I had some fun in Chicago several times. But, so far, haven't taken Rubi there, much to her chagrin.

I've been to Nashville a couple of times. Rubi and went there once before we got married for a day trip and again shortly after we got married. We stayed in Nashville a day or two, and then went on to Memphis.

Speaking of Nasvhille, I've also been to Nashville, Indiana once or twice.

My youngest sister got married when I was fourteen-ish and moved to the city her husband was from, which was a good 7 hour drive away. I helped them move up there, and later, my parents and I traveled up there a few times to visit. And since it's just across the bridge from and part of the quad cities, we went to Davenport, Iowa for a day one trip.

When I was still in training at work, I applied for a supervisor's position (the job I have now), and they sent me to Troy, Michigan for a Supervisor's Training Class. While there, Rubi and I hit Detroit.

My dad's parents lived in Warren, Michigan, and we traveled to see them when I was five years old... most of the time, they came to visit us.

Rubi and I got married in a New Harmony, Indiana - just outside of our hometown. Before that, I worked in that city one summer as a sound designer for the New Harmony Theatre.

I worked for a year as a country radio Dj in Madisonville, Kentucky - commuting the 45 minutes each way from Evansville.

Rubi and I went to Louisville, Kentucky a couple of times - once because a mall there had a special maternity and baby store, and once for a concert.

When I was in college, I went to Cincinnati with a couple of friends, pretty much just because we could.

And, I've been to many of the small places in between home and many of those other places!

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