Wednesday, August 03, 2005

R.I.P., shorts.

Well, we sure got our money's worth out of Elizabeth's soccer shorts. We bought them back in spring of 2004, for school league soccer. The following summer, they spent in the playclothes drawer, getting some heavy use. Spring 2005, they were back in rotation for soccer again. This summer, they've also been used for her position on the city league. All seasons, they were used for games and practices. In hindsight, MAYBE we could have bought more than one pair. (DUH) But these were so servicable, and soccer was spaced so they were never stuck in the laundry when she needed them.

Today she had a game. On the way home, she mentioned that she had a hole in her shorts. When we got home, I checked it out. Um, yeah, that's definitely a hole. The entire crotch of the shorts was out. Both seams, going both ways, completely frayed open. So she had four triangles of fabric just kind of hanging there.

I didn't notice it during the game, so I guess the shorts worked themselves, um, loose while she was playing. Yikes.
New soccer shorts are now on the shopping list for tomorrow.

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