Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Oh yeah - We finally heard back from the radiologist on Elizabeth's knee - what? Last week?
No fracture. The dark line on the x-ray was just a growth mark (growth plate?).

Rubi's been busy adapting to her new part-time job, and running Elizabeth here and yonder, and working out occasionally, and trying to find time to spend with her friends.

Alexander and Catherine started preschool (Catherine is in preschool, Alexander is in pre-K). Alexander goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while Catherine goes on Tuesday and Thursday.

So I'm driving across town every single day to take the yunguns to preschool for 2 and a half hours a day.

Most days, Rubi will ride with us and walk in whichever kid has school that day. Then I'll drive her to work. After that, me and the remaining kiddo go to the Y, which is just a few blocks away from Rubi's work. I'll stick the kid in the "babysitting" room, and go work out for a bit, maybe 45 minutes.

Then back to preschool to pick up a kid. Back home for a nap (the kids and me!), then maybe some housework and lunch before we go pick up Rubi from work.

That's the mornings around here.

Afternoons, I work most days. As soon as Rubi gets home from work, she leaves again to go pick up Elizabeth from school and do her afternoon errands (soccer, workout, time with her friends, housework, whatever).

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