Tuesday, October 25, 2005



1) They're finally making the movie of your life and, after narrowing the role of YOU down to three actors, they've asked for your choice. Who are the three actors, and which person do you ultimately choose?
Danny Devito, Tom Arnold, or Sean Astin.
I'd choose Sean Astin (with some Hobbit-weight-gain). Devito's too old, and more of a caricature. Tom Arnold is too tall (and uses too much foul language - but he'd get the humor correct). I think Astin could pull it off; just geeky enough, can pull off the extra weight, isn't too tall.

2) You're at a fancy restaurant with your significant other, when your arch nemesis shows up with his gang to rob the place. You left your costume home tonight, and you wouldn't want to reveal your true identity unless there was no other choice. How do you handle this one?
I use my ability to mentally control computers and other electronic equipment to shut off the power in the restaurant and trigger the sprinkler system. Using my power to control and cast electricity and plasma energy, I send a charge of electricity through the water in the room, just strong enough to stun everyone, hopefully including my arch nemesis and his gang. If they remain conscious - well, all the civilians are stunned into unconsciousness - it's rumble time! Hopefully my tux won't get too banged up.

3) 4 +X/8=15Y-23Z; solve for each variable.
It was my understanding there would be no math.
The answer is 42.

4) They're turning my blog into a sitcom! Quick, who's playing me?
Duh: you!

5) What was the scariest moment of your life?
Do I have to get into that again? When I dropped my then 18-month old daughter Catherine on her head.

6) After much thought and deliberation, you realize the best thing you can do with your life is form your own team of superheroes. Keeping in mind that you don't actually possess any powers or a dual identity in this scenario, how do you go about selecting your team, what abilities do you look for in potential allies, and what do you call your group?
What I call the group is dependent on who joins and, to a lesser extent, what powers they have. If I already know some superheroes, forming this group becomes somewhat easier. If I don't know any superheroes... I'm thinking want-ads and message boards??
Oooh... we could be a tech- and mood-based superpowers group, and call ourselves the Emoticons. Except, that sounds like an evil team of female Transformers.

7) If a hypothetical train is traveling East at 70 MPH, and a hypothetical truck is traveling North at 55 MPH, then name 3 famous people you feel shouldn't be famous.
Is this a math question again?
Just three famous people who should not be famous? How about most of them? Paris Hilton being a the top of the list...

8) A freak accident caused by lightning or radiation or genetic engineering or whichever origin suits you, bestows upon you the ability to step INSIDE your television set and interact with the characters. Where do you go first, and why?
The "Philly steak sandwich" episode of Unwrapped. Mmmmm....

9) After winning a karaoke contest, you're awarded the grand prize from a local radio station: you get to perform ONE song alongside your favorite group! Who do you sing with and what song?
The Rhyming Song with the Muppets.

10) A blogger you read regularly posts a pop quiz. Do you take it? Please list your reasons either way.
Yes I take it, because I haven't enough lately. And it's a cool quiz.

11) The quiz goes all the way up to 11.
No it doesn't.

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