Monday, October 24, 2005

Rubi Update

Rubi Update
Rubi has a hysterectomy scheduled for November 2nd. Her doctors hope this will help with some health problems she's been having.
Anyway, she found a lump about a month ago, had a biopsy a couple of weeks ago, at which time they found what they thought was another lump and scheduled her for a biopsy on that lump this past Thursday.

The biopsy was a nightmare. The lump was in an odd place and they could only see it with one mammogram machine (they apparently have several). So the biopsy went like this: they strapped her face down on the machine for 4 hours, most of the time they were manhandling her into different positions to get a good view of the lump. They numbed the part of her breast where they thought the lump was and starting digging around with the needle to get the biopsy.  All the digging around made my wife quite queasy (she does not like needles, let alone pain.  They brought in extra people to try to keep her from vomiting all over herself (instead of letting her up to rest, or just stopping for a bit).  Then they discovered the lump was on the opposite side of the breast. So instead of stopping, and going in from that side, the doctor just pushed the needle in farther to reach the lump; except she hadn't been numbed on that side - so it really hurt.  After 4 hours, they decided to call it quits. Then they gave her 3 more mammograms to get better pictures of the lump.  They said they didn't think it was worth it to do an open/surgical biopsy, so they just scheduled her for another mammogram in 6 months to see if the lump had changed.

Rubi went home in pain and on painkillers and slept for a while.  

Once she woke up, she came to her senses and called her GP and asked him, if his wife was in the same situation what would he do.
He made some calls and she will most likely have the surgical biopsy at the same time she has her hysterectomy, so she doesn't have to go under twice.  They just have to get the hospital to approve having 2 surgeons in at the same time.

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