Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tornado Rips Through Evansville and Newburgh

But we're okay!

Local Media Coverage.
National Coverage.
International Coverage?!?

In fact... Since it happened around 2am, I'd have slept through the storm if Alexander hadn't come into our room because he was scared of the thunder and lightning, if Rubi had woke me saying "The weather sirens are sounding! Turn on the radio!" and if Rubi's sister hadn't called us to say "There's a tornado warning on your side of town!"

Thanks to all who called/emailed/posted,etc to check on us.

A friend of Elizabeth from school, her parents lost their house and a car. An acquaintance of a friend lost the second floor of their house...

I found a leaf stuck to the side of my car...

We're definitely ok!

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