Sunday, December 04, 2005

It could be worse

Just when I start thinking things are looking rather grim, God uses others to point out to me that, in reality, I've got it pretty good.

Last night at Bible study, one prayer request was for a young lady that has a rapidly growing brain tumor and was given three to five years to live. She has a husband and a baby. She'll just be getting to know her child, and that will be that.

All the tornado victims in our area that lost everything. Everything. And then the people who thought they just had some simple damage find out from inspectors that their houses weren't built to code and now have to be demolished.

And, in an email from a work-related newsletter, I get the following:
911 Cares has instituted an "adoption" program for dispatchers affected by Hurricane Katrina and their families. Most families are in need of clothing, food, and general household items. A list of families can be found on the 911 Cares website, and if you would like to adopt a family, you may contact Lisa at 650-595-5202, x103 for a detailed list of your chosen family's needs. Please be aware that the deadline to adopt a family is December 8th. Every little bit helps; we thank you for your generosity this holiday season.

So there Kev... you've got it pretty good compared to the people really suffering.
Now shut up.

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