Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No It's Not Hard. These Are Fun!

It's time once again for another rousing edition of the Mysterious Cloaked Figure's Astonishing Test! Inquiring cloaked minds want to know:

1) What, in your opinion, was the best finale to a television series? I know these things are frequently difficult to narrow down, so if you cannot choose one, narrow it down to a reasonable number, perhaps three.

Star Trek DS9 was pretty good.
Friends was good too.
Angel was good too. But Wesley?!?

The actual final episode of Cheers bit, but the very end was good - I still believe Sammy is down in that bar serving drinks to Norm.
The Farscape finale blew - "the series is over and you end it that way?!?" At least the fans demanded some resolution in the Peacekeepers War, and that was okay as a series finale.
The Mad About You finale should never have been made. Rubi sat there saying "uh... what just happened?"

If you can count Objects In Space as the series "finale" of Firefly, the episode was excellent - but not great as a finale.

2) You wake up to get the morning paper when you notice something is wrong. The sky is green and the grass is blue. Birds are swimming and fish are flying. Explain.

Must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

And I don't read the morning paper.

3) How did you lose your first tooth?

From my mouth, I guess. Seriously, I don't remember.

4) What's the strangest thing you or someone you know has made out of snow?

Snow Ice Cream.
So. Gross.

5) What's the best superhero lair and why? Feel free to provide examples.

I'm not familiar with very many superhero lairs and can probably only name a handful.
Batcave. FOS. Watchtower. The FF building (don't know the proper name). I'd have to tie between the Watchtower and the Batcave.
The Batcave because it's cave, and caves are cool (both in temperature and in the neat-o factor), and it's got all of Batsy's gadgets and gear, plus "trophies", and secret access to Stately Wayne Manor, and the Gotham sewers.
The Watchtower (I'm mostly familiar with the JLA cartoon version, but I've read a couple of JLA novels with the Lunar version), because it's not on Earth. Our heros can watch over the planet, and keep a Watch out for interstellar threats as well. Because, if you're gonna be protectors of the human race, you gotta deal with all those outer space nasties, like the Green Lantern Corp. Oh wait....
Oh, and I just thought of G.I. Joe's The Pit from the comic book. A multi-level underground headquarters with many cool things inside. And none of the regular military on the army base above ground even know it's there!

These are fun. Some comments over at MCF are saying this test was too hard.
It's not about being easy or difficult. It's about having fun!

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