Monday, February 06, 2006

M.C.F.A.T. Seven

Another pop-quiz from MCF.
1) On Friday, I wrote about The Physics of Superheroes, and cited the example of Schrödinger's cat. What do you think of that theoretical example? Does lack of an observer allow for the simultaneous existence of contrary realities? In other words, if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it both make a sound and not make a sound?
I think scientists have too much free time thinking this stuff up.
2) What is your favorite color? Why?
No, Why is not my favorite color. Blue is my favorite color. I guess because that's the color of clothing I wear most... or maybe because my eyes are blue.
3) Choose an actor or actress whose work you enjoy. What is the first project you recall him or her starring in? Next, check IMDB. What was their first starring role, and have you seen it?
4) Who is your favorite corporate mascot? Who is your least favorite?
Least fav: the BK King. He's creepy.
Favorite? Can't think of one...
5) How would you deal with being a superhero? Would you maintain a secret identity, lying to even those closest to you to protect them, or would you operate publicly as a full-time hero?
If I had superpowers, I think I'd use them "secretly", kind of under the table heroics. You know , "Look! It's Elvis" and when every turns to look away from me, I use my powers quickly to accomplish something. I wouldn't don tights and/or a cape and go leaping about or swinging from tree to tree singing... wait - I was about to devolve into a Python sketch there for a minute, sorry.
I wouldn't superhero full-time, and I wouldn't have a flashy name like "Fat Guy"... oh wait....
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