Sunday, February 19, 2006

Podcasts Are A Waste Of Time

Okay not really.

Podcasts are great to listen to during my "commute" to work (all 15 minutes of it, and now that I've finally purchased a car adapter!), and to listen to while I'm doing the dishes, or making lunch.

I download a ton of podcasts daily or weekly, but I only listen to a select few because of time constraints. I've got all the extras archived to listen to whenever I have to drive to Indy for work meetings or conferences.

Here are the podcasts I download. The ones in bold are the 'casts to which I routinely (or at least make an effort to) listen.

Around the World with AiG's Ken Ham (I've listened to about half of these, most are only a minute and half long, just a feed for the same spots you'll hear on Christian radio)
COMM435 (Purdue class) BoilerCast! (Communications and Emerging Technologies class. This feed if from the fall 2005 class, the updated spring 06 feed is locked...)
Crossroads Christian Church Podcast
Firefly Talk Podcast
I Should Be Writing
In Our Time
Mars Hill Church Featured Audio
Mashup of the Week Podcast (this is just a feed for mashed-up tunes, I only listened to a few of them)
OLS274 (Purdue class) BoilerCast! (Organizational Leadership, Applied Leadership Class)
Pastor Dan's Blog
P.I.D. Radio (this is a daily 30-ish minute 'cast, comes out Monday through Friday)
Quirks and Quarks from CBC Radio
Skepticality - Science and Skeptic Thought
Slacker Astronomy
Slacker Astronomy Bonus Features
Slice of Scifi - Sci-if TV and movie news (I've listened to one of these)
The Signal (I've listened to maybe three of these, but I'm getting into them more)
The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy
Walt Disney World Plugged In (these are great!)
Writing for Christians

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