Saturday, February 11, 2006

There is a happy land...

A girl I do volunteer work with, S, has been on a couple of mission trips to a country called Myanmar. I had never heard of it, but we were talking about it this morning. She said thick hair and body fat are considered attractive. The body fat thing is because it represents wealth to them.

That's it. My hefty thighs, big uncontrollable hair, and myself are packing a bag and moving to Myanmar. They'd love me there. I'm built like a fertility goddess and my hair...well, there's a LOT of it. (Granted, I have been very happy with it since I cut so much of it off. But it's still pretty darn thick.)

We laughed about it a lot this morning. S said that the people there kept touching her waistline to feel her fat. She said it was very weird and off-putting at first, but soon she figured out (or had explained to her) that they loved it and found it attractive, and felt much better about it.

Funds for my plane ticket can be donated to my Paypal account. Hee.

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