Monday, February 13, 2006

Thinks Vol. I can't remember what number I'm on...

I changed my LJ  to display just the single most recent posting - which is just a linkfest to our various Cafepress stores. I really only use my LJ anymore for the friends list, which has a couple of Star Wars/Star Trek authors on it (one of which wrote the novelization of Serenity) as well as some other weird and interesting links.  Also: my LJ still has the decepticon background.
Speaking of Firefly (the canceled TV series that became the movie Serenity), here's a podcast that nicely sums up what exactly Firefly is. It's cut down from an episode of the Signal podcast, which is now in their second season.
And, since we're talking about podcasts, Did you know DisneyWorld podcasts? How cool is that!
And everyone's favorite TV/movie guy, Joss Whedon, is featured in Marvel podcast.
Back to the Serenity thing... some guy is selling Shiny Shirts and stuff based on the 'verse. Has some pretty shiny stuff too, humorous and all.
And if you're like me (that is: really weird), you like Serenity and Muppets - Why not combine the two?! It's the story of Serenity told with Muppets! (click the artists username and you'll get a list of all 8 parts of the story! Warning: I haven't browsed the rest of his Gallery, so I don't know if it's safe!)
On to other things not Serenity or Firefly or podcasting...
This house: Can I come over? Please? Please?!?
And I guess we'll finish up today with a popquiz. How well do you know this great county of ours?
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