Saturday, June 24, 2006

Book Review: Dark Fathom

Christian Fiction novel Dark Fathom by Tom Morrisey is the 2nd in the "Beck Easton" series. I haven't read the first (Deep Blue). But that's okay. This one stands on its own.
It's a pretty good book. I find it interesting that the main character is not a Christian. In fact, he's basically a secret assassin for the US Government.
This book has action, intrigue, a love story, and Biblical elements to keep the Christians in the story faithful to their Christianity.
The book has several endings, each one to wrap up plot threads. The terrorist incident thread gets wrapped up in an interesting way, quite exciting for a secret agent story. The love-interest story actually gets at least a couple of endings. First it's over, then wait! There's more story! Then, another ending for the love-interest story that is oh so very predictable. But the predictabile ending was executed in a way that made it interesting - kind of "I knew that was going to happen - but I didn't know it would happen that way!"
The terrorist incident plot takes place in the couple of years preceding the events of 9/11/2001. And the story ties into that event as well.
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