Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kind of a movie review of The Lakehouse

Rubi and I went to see "The Lakehouse" last weekend.

Good movie for a chick-flick (gotta love Sandra Bullock), but the ending made my brain hurt.

It's basically about these two people living two years apart but still writing love notes to each other - one in 2006 and one in 2004. The letters magically appear in the same mailbox, sometimes while they wait.

That's kinda cool.

But then Sandra Bullock goes messing with the timestream and tries to change the past/future/present (??) with one of those notes.

Then the paradox kicks in. Or at least it did for the scifi geek that I am. That's why my brain hurt. By changing her past, and his future, wouldn't she have changed her own present and none of the movie would have happened? Or did she create an alternate timeline, therein leaving her out of the nice outcome anyway?

But! The movie isn't really clear on when she changed the timeline! It seems like she changes it before the event happens in her time, but that doesn't really make sense. Is it late winter/early spring at the end of the movie or is it autumn?

Rubi did an internet search looking for an explanation of the timeline. What she found basically said "don't try to understand it, just enjoy it". The movie was based on a book - I wonder if the book explains it better.

Yes, I'm writing this review almost a week later, and I still can't change the past.

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