Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mom is blogging.

Poor Elizabeth. Neither of her parents are keeping up with their responsibilities. So here I am, checking in. [looks out window] Yup, grass is still tall. You know why? Because Kev hasn't mowed it. You know why? Because instead, he went to his parents house this morning and did all their yardwork for them. You know why? Because he's a wonderful guy and an awesome son.

So there.

What else? Lots of things going on here on the mom front that are probably only exciting to me. Scrapbooked at a friend's house for a while yesterday. We did the everyone-bring-some-food thing. Sandwich "fixins", fresh fruit, peel & eat shrimp, veggie tray, and the hostess purchased a 12-pack of Caffeine Free Diet Coke just for me. (I'm the only one in our bunch that drinks it, so she usually doesn't have it.) I wanted to hug her - now THAT'S a good friend, someone that'll buy a case of something that nobody in her family drinks, just for when you come over every few weeks.

She herself is a Ski drinker. I believe Ski is an Evansville thing, maybe a regional thing, and one of the reasons that I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't live in Evansville. Turoni's and Grippos are two other reasons.

Anyway, I got one whole 2-page layout done, in...four hours. Had a good time.

Uh. What else? Y'all want to hear about Catherine's ballet class, or Alexander's reading class? How about the ironing I really, really need to do? Or the unfinished Bible study lesson, when I have Bible study in 3 hours? How about that Alexander's birthday is in a matter of weeks and I haven't even purchased invitations, let alone sent them out? No? Well, sorry people, that's my life.

Ooh, ooh! I know! My birthday is in five weeks, and I KNOW you're all in a tizzy about what to get me. I want a dishwasher, so a Home Depot gift card toward that purchase would be perfect. Or anything off my Amazon wish list. I'm not picky. Huh? What? You've never met me, and have no intention of getting me ANYTHING, and besides, I didn't get you anything for your birthday? Oh. Well, that's okay then.

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