Friday, August 18, 2006

Five On Friday - Return To Sender

Return to Sender

1. How often do your letters/cards come back to you?
Only when I forget to put a stamp on them.

2. If you buy something that turns out to be defective or broken, how likely are you to return it to the store or manufacturer?
Quite likely. Makes sense to me to return something that is defective or broken.

3. Describe your own personal "return policy" for items you've purchased or received as gifts.
Depends on the gift and who it's from. And if it's broken or defective. I don't really have a problem doing returning a gift to the store.

4. When you borrow library books, do you return then on time?
As often as possible. I might go through as many renewals as I can, but I don't want to have to pay that fine.

5. What is your opinion on Elvis? Do you think he's really dead?
Elvis has left the building. Address unknown.

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