Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Must See Monday

Hereos: Pretty Good and getting better.
Studio60: The Jury is still out.
Heroes, in my opinion, started off in the pilot of slow - Hiro and Claire were the only really interesting characters - although I did want to know if Peter really could fly.
Episode two was much better, developing the story and characters a little more.
Episode three, last night, was excellent! Hiro and Claire are still the "breakout" characters, but Peter's abilities have possibilites. And last night's surprise ending was way better than last weeks.
Heroes has definitely become Must See TV for me.
I missed the pilot of Studio60, but I've caught the last three episodes. I had high hopes for this show, what with Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet starring in it. Plus a cast of familiar faces in many supporting roles. I expected a straight-up comedy with Matthew Perry, but it's definitely supposed to be a drama, maybe leaning towards dramady since it's about a sketch comedy show.  I agree with the various reviews I've read that the actual sketches they show are bad.
Matt, the head writer, is supposed to be a brilliant comedy writer but we don't see that.  I think they should leave the actual sketches out of it or, as I read in various other reviews, hire actual comedy writers to write the sketches.  It seems this show is taking itself too seriously and I fear for it's longevity. It has potential - but it hasn't lived up to it yet.
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