Sunday, November 19, 2006


Oh, this is rich. I'm a cheer coach. If you've known me for any length of time, you're laughing hysterically right now. No, really. See, Elizabeth is a cheerleader for Upward at her school. Last year I assisted my friend L., who was the coach for Elizabeth's squad. This year I agreed to assist L. again, and was more than happy to do so. I had a great time last year, and was looking forward to it. But I certainly didn't feel confident enough to coach on my own.

Now one of the other coaches has dropped out, leaving one squad coachless. We haven't even had our first practice, so the girls don't know the difference. L. just called me, begging me to coach in this girl's place. She's been hinting at it anyway, just got a bit more strident when this other girl dropped out. She said I can pick my squad, so I'll have Elizabeth, and a couple other girls that I know and like. (And more importantly, are well behaved and easy to work with. Hey, I'm willing to help, but I'm not a martyr.)

I feel pretty good about teaching the chants and cheers, it's creating a pompon routine that's terrifying me. I have several songs in mind, but the dance itself...hence the "Eek" in the title. I want to watch some video of other squads to get ideas, I just have no idea where to look. Guess I'll head over to YouTube and see what I can find. [bites nails]

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