Friday, November 17, 2006


A favorite topic of mine. Story of my life: bits of this and that. That's okay, I'm never bored.

Yep, the craft show was awesome. So very flattering that my goodies were such a big hit. I can gloat a bit, because I can't take the credit for it. My mother came up with this years ago, I just resurrected it. She's so cool. Next show is December 9th and 10th in Santa Claus, IN. You should come and visit me. Elizabeth will give you a free sample, and I'll sell you things!

Kevin is awesome, but he won't tell you. He surprised me with goodies for the upcoming show: aprons for Elizabeth and I, printed with our logo. I was way excited, making all kinds of high pitched sounds. We're going to be so cute.

Catherine will be five on Sunday. I was walking behind her at the big kids' school today, and had a moment of "where did my baby go?". Got all choked up. She's so big.

Alexander did us proud this week. It's book week at school. Uh, was book week. It's Friday night, isn't it? Anyway, he was invited to be a guest reader for the other kindergarten class. Thursday he walked down to the other classroom, sat in a chair, and read "There's a Wocket In My Pocket" to the class. I stood in the back, taking pictures, sniffling, and wiping my eyes. He was SO darling. The teacher stopped me on the way out of the classroom afterwards to tell me how charming and sweet he is.

Christmas season is in full swing for us, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. All three kids are preparing for Christmas musicals both at church and at their schools. Rehearsals are running me ragged, but it's fun.

More frivolous stuff now. How awesome is Bones this season? I'm so invested in this show: snarling and hissing at Cam every time her wretched face appears on screen. Cooing over Jack and Angela, and just dying for that first Bones and Booth kiss. And Zack! I want to squeeze him. He's so darned clueless and adorable. My favorite line from last week? "Zack, you be Dr. Brennan." "I don't know what that means." I absolutely howled with laughter. And then sobbed my way through the ending of the show. Watched "Man On The Fairway" afterwards. I'd forgotten how very much I miss Dr. Goodman. Can't we bury Cam alive and bring Goodman back? Or at the very least, send her away in disgrace? I don't care why, just make her gone.

**Geek alert, Geek alert**

Maybe it's all the Boreanaz, but I'm also reviving my Jossverse love. Wallowing in all things Angel, Buffy, and Firefly. The soundtracks, the fanvids, the DVDs, the fanfic. (Yes, I'm a hardcore Joss geek. I love it all.) With a little side of Witchblade. Is it a crime or WHAT that Witchblade never made it to DVD? Le VHS tapes of the series weren't all that great to begin with, and they're declining steadily over the years.

One more Jossverse geek thing: Have you heard Michelle Dockery sing Mal's Theme? So so awesome. If you haven't, go find it. It's the ultimate in fan geekery, but just so darned GOOD.

Is that all? All I can think of at the moment.

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