Monday, January 29, 2007

What is McPerilous5

Again with the MCF Answers, I must come up with the correct questions or suffer a humiliating defeat.

1. A one-inch vertical scar.
What is shorter than a two inch-vertical scar?
2. Fat Albert.
What wouldn't fit in a can, so they went with a prince instead?
3. Initially, I was convinced there were two different actresses.
What do Paris Hilton and Ashley Simpson in have common?
4. “Can you dig it?”
To what question must you always answer, "Duuuude!"
5. 010010000110111101110111001000000111011101101111
6. Donald Sutherland.
Who is not Gary Busey, or Kiefer Sutherland.
7. A rap battle.
What kind of contests do little old ladies have during December?
8. Because he's just that white.
Why was Jim Carry's "In Living Color" Vanilla Ice imitation spot-on?
9. “Ice Ice Baby, to go, to go...”
What should have been Vanilla Ice's destination?
10. You would explode on contact.
What is one possible thing that could happen if you shook hands with a version of yourself from another dimension/reality?
11. Mash up leaves in a plastic bucket full of water.
What is the name of the song that combines the music and lyrics of a song featuring leaves, a plastic bucket, and water?
12. His black costume.
What does Darth Vader wear to formal events?
13. A room full of college girls in their underwear.
What is the answer to a question if asked correctly would get Kevin in sooo much trouble?
14. No, I'm 98% sure that she already knows that story...
Will you tell your mom what she had for breakfast?
15. They would be stone by day.
What is the curse on the Gargoyles in the eponymous cartoon series?
16. Terminator 3.
What is the name of a movie with a number in the title?
17. He was there to show kids people like him could be handicapable, and to explain alien technology to aliens.
What is the life-long goal of Wally from the Dilbert comic-strip?
18. The dimwitted son of a garbage man.
What is a curse you'll never hear on the Disney Channel?
19. It was impossible to land.
Why didn't it sea?
20. To get an “Innie”.
What is the goal of the game "No Outties!!"
Note:  I went silly this time - even though I know some of the questions MCF may have been looking for in his responses. Plus, I read a few of the other entries before I ever got around to considering mine (and they had better answers to some of the questions - even the silly answers).

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