Sunday, February 04, 2007


Apparently, there is some kind of ball-game on TV later today.

I'm not a sports fan. The few sporting events I attended in college I did so just to hang with my friends, not out of any real interest in the sport. I don't think I attended more than a couple of sporting events in high-school, again for the same reason.

I attend my kids sports games not because I enjoy those sports, but because I enjoy watching my kids no matter what they are doing.

However, if I am watching a game, whether it's my kids playing, or the basketball teams playing while Elizabeth cheers for them, or it's something on TV wherever I happen to be, I do enjoy seeing the game played well. A fast, almost dance-like spur-of-moment pass in basketball resulting in a great shot showing the sportsmanship of the players does make the game more enjoyable.

There are "sports" I do enjoy watching, even though I have no idea who I'm watching and don't care who wins or what the point of the game is. I really enjoy watching Winter X-Games-type sports like snowboarding, and snowmobile racing. Alexander and I sat down one Saturday afternoon on the spur-of-the moment and watched motocross. That was fun (more for Alexander's reactions than anything to do with the sport itself). And I enjoy watching ice-hockey on the rare occasion I come across a game on TV and stop for a few minutes. And I enjoy watching cheerleaders.

Now that the Indianapolis Colts are in the Superbowl against da Bears (see: I do know a little), even my family is getting into the spirit of things. Rubi and Elizabeth are going to a Superbowl party later today with the rest of our small group. I'll be at work - but we are all bringing in food and snacks and the game will be on the TV with the sound off or turned low.

I'm sure "business" for me at work will slack off during the game, and will quickly pick up at the end as people drive home from parties, or get in fights over the outcome of the game, or choke on tortilla chips.

Rubi is even making custom Colts shirt for her and Elizabeth to wear to the party.

I really have no interest beyond a basic, "The Colts won? I'm glad for them."

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