Monday, February 26, 2007

That's Mr. N00b to You

I finally got around to purchasing and installing the first Guild Wars game. I've been wanting to try out a MMORPG but I do not want to pay monthly to do so. Guild Wars doesn't charge the monthly subscription fee to play on their servers. I had gift certificates left from Christmas, and from MyPoints, so I ordered it.

I got it installed and created my first character yesterday. I chose a male Ranger. Name him Aevin Rybeck. Which, not so creatively, is just the letters of my first and last name rearranged a bit. I logged into the game and started a couple of quests. After about an hour and half of playing and not really knowing what I was doing since I've never played a MMO before, I had completed one quest fairly quickly and started another.

My character ventured into a village and was attacked by three Stryders. My character's weapon is a long-range weapon. The Stryders ran right up to me and attacked me at close range.

I had my character run away to try to get some distance to try to use his bow against them. The Stryders ran along with me literally pecking at me the entire time. Finally finishing off my character quite humorously. It was funny watching the Stryders, which are basically giant red ostriches, peck my character, I think with some magic thrown in, to death.

That wrapped up my first hour and half of Guild Wars.

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