Sunday, March 25, 2007

Book Review: Shoes For The Spirit

For Active Christian Media, Rubi read Shoes For The Spirit: A Guide To Your Spiritual Walk by Tamra Nashman, published by Brentwood Christian Press. The author provided the book for Rubi to read.

Rubi's review:

Chicken Soup For the Christian Soul meets "God's Little Devotional Book For Women". And I mean that in a good way. Each short story begins with a short scripture, then the story, then a short devotional. I love the writing style. A lot of similar books seem like they're being read from the pulpit. Tamra Nashman has a warm, friendly writing style that draws you in. It feels more one-on-one.

The book is very well organized for those who only have time to read books in bits and pieces. It's divided into chapters, each one covering a different stumbling block: fear, stress, rejection, jealousy, etc. Each chapter is clearly divided into the short stories and their scripture and devotional, that can be read through in less than ten minutes, easily. But it gives you food for thought and prayer for the rest of the day. It's a very friendly little book - go, buy, read!

For more about this author, Stacy Harp with Active Christian Media recently interviewed the author on the ACM podcast.

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