Saturday, March 24, 2007

McPerilous again

MCF nears the end of the second round of the MCFPerilous! Next up: Double MCF Perilous? Final MCF Perilous? Audio MCF Perilous?

1. I'm going to use it to clear all 100 levels.
Why did MCF buy a high-powered magnet for his Marvel game?

2. Because at my age, I don't think The Transformers: The Movie is a socially acceptable choice for that.
What movie will MCF not invite his date to see?

3. 617.
How many times has MCF written a blog post?

4. September 11, 1984.
When did MCF first discover the Transformers?

5. “The cowards never started./The weak died on the way./Only the strong arrived./They were Pioneers.”
What are some lyrics to a song?

6. Boxy.
How would MCF describe the original Transformers compared to the new Movie versions of the Transformers?

7. Heroes and Law & Order: SVU
What two shows does MCF enjoy?

8. They both went from fantasy heroes to science fiction characters.
What is similar about the careers of the stars of Xena and Hercules?

9. Through a crowbar.
How did MCF meet his first girlfriend?

10. B12
What username did B13 not choose because it's a vitamin?

**edited to add question marks at the end of some of my questions?

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