Sunday, March 11, 2007

MCPerilous Two Dot Eye Eye Eye

Now that I'm at work, where I can't play Guild Wars or watch Rubi play Guild Wars, I can finally remember to post my answers -uh, my questions to the latest MCF Perilous!

1. That’s much too long.
Why did MCF cut the Perilous quiz from down 20 questions.

2. Using a nail and surprising simian-like agility.
How did MCF hurt himself?

3. “Not the bang!”
Originally I had answered (questioned?) "What is the sound of a gun not shooting?" which I thought was kinda clever. But another person answered something about MCF getting a haircut and that reminded me of what I'm sure the correct answer (question?) is:
What are female fans of Peter Patrelli screaming after the end of last Monday's episode of Heroes?

4. A job.
What is a good thing for anyone over the age of 17 to have?

5. Forget anyone else is there.
What happens to MCF when he is watching TV or playing on the computer?

6. Because he’s so dark and likes dirty laundry.
How did MCF come up with his disguise?

7. Two wheels.
What is better than one wheel?

8. He might not.
Might he?

9. It’s the first gig of the season.
How can MCF tell spring is upon us musically?

10. At a student art exhibit in college.
How did MCF meet his first girlfriend?

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