Saturday, April 07, 2007


Another installment of the MCF Perilous. MCF gives the answers - I give lame questions.
1. Zombie Shakespeare.
What is your username on DragonFable?

2. Sparta.
What would have been your username had it not already been taken?

3. Sometimes you have to walk through fire.
Why do you where ice packs on your feet?

4. Because then I might have a sense of satisfaction, now.
Why don't you finish that project now?

5. What question am I asking?
How do we know the answer?

6. A cell phone, a credit card, and internet access.
What do you need to get this special offer?

7. Garlbes.
According to Zobtrivia, what does Rumble do to his words?

8. [was an embedded video]
Is that a video of Donkey Kong?

9. The whites of my eyes.
What would we see if you took the hood off of your cloak?

10. Most of my snail mail.
What do you throw away?

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