Saturday, August 04, 2007

That's too many questions

Picked this up from an old friend's Myspace.
70 Questions I Guarantee You've Never Answered (Actually... I'm sure I've answered several of these):

1. Would you chew gum after someone else already has?

2. What describes your relationship status?
Happily married

3. Who was your last 5 calls to/from? 
I'm at work, so it'd probably be citizens needing some sort of assistance.

4. Are You the Heartbreaker or the Broken Heart?
Heartbreaker, Dream maker, love taker, Don't you mess around with me!

5. Do you miss someone right now?
I'm at work; I miss my family.

6. Do you think Napoleon Dynamite is funny?
Never saw it

7. Who have you talked to most today?
My kids.

8. Pumpkins?
What about them?

9. Color of your underwear?

10. Color of your shirt?

11. How many years have you taken a foreign language?
two years in high school, two years in college (I think).  Still can't speak more than a few words.

12. Who's on speed dial 3?
Don't remember. I only ever use 2 (Rubi).

13. What color is your background on your computer mainscreen? 
Here at work?  Mostly blue.  It's a custom background for where I work.

14. Do you wish on 11:11?
Why would I? I've never heard of doing that.

15. Good advice if you ever go camping?
Find a nice comfy hotel nearby and sneak out there after everyone is asleep.

16. Are you a bad influence?

17. What color are your eyes?

18. Would you rather have your name or your siblings name?
I'm satisfied with my name.

19. Would you do anything for someone?

20. Have you ever been called a bad word?
Who hasn't at one time or another.

21. Favorite colors?
Blue, and uh... green?

22. Do you use smiley faces on the computer?

23. What song is on?
I'm at work, not listening to music.  But for some reason I have Pat Benatar running through my head.

24. Are your grades good?
Long done with school.

25. Do you ever think people hate you for filling these out?
Since that's pretty all I seem to do lately here... probably.

26. Would you date anyone on your top friends?
Actually, I have a date with Rubi next week.

27: Who was your last missed call from? 
Don't know.

28. Whose page did you visit last?

29. Last time you went out to lunch?
Last night. Brought home Taco Bell for dinner.

30. Do you watch Gilmore Girls?
31. Who is your favorite character from Friends? 
Chandler or Joey.

32. Have you ever seen or enjoyed watching the O.C.?
Rubi and I watched maybe half of the first season then happily stopped.

33. Do you have one or more Britney Spears C.D.s?
yeah right

34. Which radio stations are your favorites? 
My CD player with podcasts.

35. Are you a Lost fanatic?

37. Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library?

38. Alanis Morrisette?
I don't think so.

39. Do you watch Family Guy regularly? 
I did during the first two seasons.  Then it stopped being as good, in my opinion.

40. King of the Hill?

41. Do you read romance novels often?

42. Favorite TV show of all time?
Of all time?

43. Do you sing obnoxiously in the car? 
44. Do you ever sing obnoxiously in the shower?

45. What's in your CD player right now?
CD of podcasts.

47. Did you draw pictures for your crush back in elementary school? 
Don't remember.

48. Have you ever liked a guy/girl but didn't ask them out?
Of course.

49. Have you ever written a poem or story about your life?
Yes.  I had a creative writing class in college and that was one or more of the assignments.

50. Have you ever spent over an hour thinking about life in general? 
Over an hour? Sheesh, I don't think I've thought about anything for over an hour!

51. Have you ever liked someone because of their appearance?
Of course.

52. Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily basis?
yeah right

53. Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization? 

54. Have you ever been to South America or Africa?

55. Do you know how to knit?

56. Do you have a cell phone or iPod with a patterned cover?

57. Have you ever written love song lyrics yourself and put them on myspace? 

58. Do you keep a diary or journal online?
Does this rarely posted to blog count?

59. When you open your closet, what is the dominant color?

60. Who have you thought about the most recently?
Pat Benatar.  Can't get that Heartbreaker song out of my head...

61. Physics or chemistry? 
Are a deadly combination in the right hands, muwhahahaha!

63. Pink or teal?
Pink's songs aren't bad.  Teal? Didn't he sing that song Kiss from a Rose?

64. Earrings or a ring?
Wedding band.

65. Walk or Run?
Leisurely stroll.

66. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars?
Star Wars.   Lord of the Rings a close second.  Don't do Harry Potter.

67. Fly or road trip?
Road trips usually.  I've only flown once.

68. Batman, Spiderman, or Superman?
Hmmm... Batman or Superman.  Not Spidey. Spidey's okay, he's just not a Bats or Supes.

70. Have you ever bought clothes from Primark?
What is Primark? Primark is apparently a UK department store chain (thanks to wikipeia).  I'll have to answer "No" to that one.
There ya go.  Seventy more things about me you probably didn't really need to know. 

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