Saturday, September 01, 2007

Does this thing still work?

It's been ages since I've posted anything of relevance here.  In fact, it's been awhile since I perused the links in my blogroll (so if I haven't commented on your blog lately, I'm sorry!).
We have two computers at home... well, we did. Our main computer died last week.  As a result, my internet browsing time has been severely limited.  I spent two days with my head stuck inside computer cases taking them apart, putting them back together, taking them apart again, putting them back together, and still not getting one to work to replace our dearly departed. 
Now I have to pay someone to try and figure out if it's salvageable. 
Driving kids to and from school eats up a little bit of time on the days I do that.  Napping eats up a nice chunk of the morning too!
Earlier this week I moved our treadmill into our bedroom in an effort to encourage me to use it more - I've used it once since then.  Hey!  I'm starting out slow.  The day after, I went and mowed and trimmed my parents lawn - that's more exercise than I get walking on the treadmill!
I also had a tire go flat and shred on the way to work last week.  I should really replace tires before they become completely bald.  Luckily, I made to a parking lot just a couple of blocks away from work and wasn't even late!  Three of the four tires on my car were completely bald.  It took forever to change the tire and put on the donut tire on so I could get the car to the shop for new tires.  I had parked on the slightest of inclines on a gravel lot, and didn't notice or think anything of it.  After work that night, I went to change the tire.  Got the car up on the jack and it rolled forward off the jack.  It bent the jack too so that it was rather difficult to use.  I cleared away the gravel from where I was putting the jack, thinking maybe I had set it on a rock before.  Got it jack up and the shredded tire off and it rolled forward again and off the jack.  By now, it was 11:30 at night and I wasn't going to try again.  The next day, I drove out and parked our van bumper to bumper against the front of the car to keep it from rolling, stuck a large chunk of concrete in front of the car's front tire and stuck a cinder block under the front bumper once I got it jacked up again (using the jack from the van).  Changed the tire without incident that time.  Except for the older gentleman that came out of a nearby restaurant and saw the shredded remains of my front tire sticking out the trunk and said something like "Looks like you caught this one just in time". 
I also had a few books I was reading that I wanted to finish, including the latest Clive Cussler, the latest Star Wars paperback, an E. E. Knight Vampire Earth novel.  Also, looking forward to the new Lincoln/Child novel.
This weekend, I'm working a crappy schedule again.  Twelve hours tonight, twelve hours tomorrow night and doubling back to 2nd shift on Monday, and a normal 2nd shift on Tuesday. 
Rubi's not feeling well this weekend - she's got a summer cold and I sure hope I don't catch it!   I hear it's making the rounds, though.
Rubi told me a funny Catherine story today:  Catherine and Alexander were playing Star Wars Legos on the Gamecube and Catherine says "I'm playing Queen Armadillo!" 
Keeping with the Star Wars theme, I made a verbal faux pas the other night.  We were watching Star Wars Episode 2 because Alexander wanted to see what his Gamecube game was based on.  The part towards the end with Yoda and Dooku fighting was about start and Alexander got up to go get a drink.  I wanted him to see that part as it related to the game he plays. I wanted to say something about the fight, but wanted to edit my language for the children, so I said "Alexander don't leave, this is the part where Yoda opens a can of kick-butt on Dooku." ...At least that's what I meant to say.  What I inadvertently said was "This is the part where Yoda opens a can of kick-butt on Dooku's a**."   Alexander and Elizabeth both gasped "Daddy!!" at the same time Rubi gasps "Kevin!!".  I was totally dumbfounded.  I had no idea what I had said.  I was looking at them all like they were crazy as I replayed in my mind what I had just said.  Then it hit me what had come out of my mouth! 

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