Friday, November 16, 2007


We're still alive. Just been busy with life and all. (I'm at work on a 12-hour overnight shift, hence the blogging to stay awake.)

Rubi started a new job a few weeks ago. She likes the job, says it's like getting to play dress up with dolls - only using real people wanting to buy wedding and prom gowns.

Most of us here at TheBayerFamily caught colds recently and are either recovering from or still suffering it. Alexander lucked out and hasn't really caught anything more than the sniffles.

This weekend we're celebrating Catherine's birthday.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!! I can't believe Turkey Day is next week. And I actually have that day off! Hopefully I'll be having some turkey salad sandwiches for lunch for a few days after Thanksgiving.

A little over a week after that, we're taking a family vacation! I'm trying to decide if it's possible to have the kids do school work in the van during the drive to Florida and back - or rather, if it's conceivable they will actually be able to do the work while traveling.

Next blogging goal: make a post before Christmas!!

Happy New Year!

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