Thursday, November 29, 2007

This morning was fun.

I spent the morning running all over town with Kev, hunting for this amazing chocolate thingy that we had last Christmas. It's a chocolate orange, you know the ones? And it was mint chocolate. YOM, to quote a friend. The hunt was unsuccessful, but we had fun. Particularly the time he waltzed me out the door to Walgreen's as we were leaving. The automatic door didn't open quite as fast as he'd planned, so he sort of...spun me into it.

Our bookcase shelf was missing a support piece, so was sitting crooked. We looked for the support piece, couldn't find it, so went to Home Depot to buy a package of new support pieces. (Um, do those things have a name?) We got home, he put the piece in, sat back, moved a book. I heard a small clatter, and he announced "There it is!" and held up the missing support piece. Of course.

You know how at Moe's they yell "Welcome to Moe's!" when you come in? Yeah. We were having lunch at Moe's, standing there placing our orders (Alfredo Garcia FTW!), when an employee walked in the door. The guy taking our order broke off midsentence to bellow "Welcome to work!" Hee hee...

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