Sunday, December 09, 2007

We're home!!!

We pulled into town late last night and all tumbled into bed in our clothes. We were SO TIRED. But we made it home safely.

Hmmm...impressions. At the fore front of my mind right now is just "Brrr!" Twenty hours ago I was in a bathing suit, sunning myself on a beach chair under some palm trees, thinking maybe I'd hop into the pool for a moment to cool off. Now? I just ran out to the van to drag the suitcases in, and nearly froze. Take me back, take me back!

Well, MCF, it wasn't bad. The week we went is supposed to be one of the least crowded weeks of the year. Sure, there were crowds, and a few times long wait times on rides made us decide to do something else or just get a Fastpass, but for the most part it was perfect.

We stayed on property for the first time ever, at the Beach Club resort, which was an incredible place - just made for families. Honestly, you could stay there for a week, not ever go to DisneyWorld, and keep busy every single day with just what the Beach Club has to offer. They did a campfire, S'mores, campfire songs, and a movie on the beach every night. We did that twice and loved it, but we never had time to take in the movie they were showing. Lounged by the pool - which seemed neverending - it was HUGE. It even had a waterfall! Strolled over to the boardwalk one evening, checking out the shops, clubs, and restaurants. And there was still so much we didn't do. Kev and I are already talking about saving for a couple of years and going back there.
Our Beach Club stay started on a high note at check-in, when they told us we'd qualified for an upgrade to concierge level. It's still a mystery to all of us why, But each of the five adults in our group is convinced that it was OUR stunning good looks. [grin] So we bickered about that for a while - whoooo was it? Who was the hottie that the staff was helpless to resist? I'm fairly certain it was my charming husband. Anyway, up we went to concierge level, because we're all fancy and stuff. Concierge level is on the top floor, and the elevator won't take you there unless you scan your room key in the little slot above the elevator buttons. So Kev and I, and my sister, were all traveling up one day, and my sister put her key card in the slot and hit the button. There was one other passenger on the elevator,and he asked us, "What was that for?". Kev just casually said "Oh, to get to the fifth floor.", and we all caught one another's eyes, feeling a bit smug. After the other guy got off on his floor, my sister cracked me up by doing a little dance and singing "Don't you wish you were VIP like me..." Don't worry, we weren't THAT full of ourselves, but it was fun because we're normally so not "concierge level" people. But we sure revelled in the pampering.

Much, much more to come. About the wonders of pin trading, which we discovered. About the food, which seemed endless. (I can't decide if the Disney Dining plan is the best thing ever, or evil incarnate) About the rides. About the danger of just being able to whip out your room key and say "Just charge it to my room, and deliver it there too, please". And pictures. So. Many. Pictures.

See you soon!

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