Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Rang it in quietly, piled on the loveseat with Kev and the kids. New Year's celebratory hugs and kisses all around, put the kids back to bed, and then us old fogies went to bed ourselves. [yawn]

I celebrated today by not going to work. Okay, the store is closed so it doesn't really count, but I'm getting paid right. now., so...yay!

Went shopping for new work clothes since I have exactly ONE pair of work pants that I wash every night. /sigh. Found some good sales and cute stuff. ($100 Tommy Hilfiger boots for $24.95!! Whee!) Pants, sweater, earrings, boots, new purse. I'm gonna be so cute at work tomorrow.

Wound up with lunch at Cici's, came home, hung out, and saw Kev off to work. Now I'm blasting Nickelback in my headset while the kids clean their rooms.

I should probably check on that - the noises that are filtering through Rockstar don't sound room-cleaning-ish.

Happy new year, all.

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