Saturday, February 09, 2008

Free is good!

I wish I had an eBook reader.

From SF Signal

Irene Gallo, Art Director for Tor
Books, tells us that Tor has something exciting and new on the horizon:
Something new is coming. Register to be one of the first to join us,
and receive
free digital books from bestselling and award-winning SF and
fantasy authors.
This is just the beginning.

Once you
register, you'll receive our newsletter and a link to download a digital book.
And you'll receive a link to another new book every week.
The first week's
free book is Mistborn, by rising fantasy star Brandon Sanderson. Next week's
will be Old Man's War by John Scalzi, 2006's winner of the John W. Campbell
Award for Best New Writer. Over the next several weeks, other books still.
sign up. Stay in touch. And watch the skies.

I like free stuff. I'm not crazy about reading full-length books on my PC screen though. I've two CD-ROMs full of digital versions of older Baen (I think) books that came packaged with Hard-back novels. Actually, I think one of the CDs has Trek eBooks on it, maybe New Frontier stuff.

But I'd love to have a "real" ebook reader, or even a PDA capable of dispaying ebooks.

Why should you read ebooks? Here's an article with 30 reasons!

And here's a free ebook based on the TV-show Firefly. This one is technically fanfic, since the option to publish it was never picked up.

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