Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And now for something completely different.

Opinions please:

Whirlpool workers have been suspended for smoking as all 39 of them had reportedly claimed they were non-smokers on their health insurance.
The company requires smokers to pay an extra $500 in insurance premiums. A company spokesperson said the workers were seen smoking in designated smoking areas outside the plant.
Whirlpool considers that falsifying documents, a serious offense. More suspensions could come later.

The headline for this article reads: "Whirlpool workers suspended for smoking".

Whee! Nothing like putting a spin on the facts! If I'm not mistaken, these employees were suspended for lying on their insurance paperwork to save $500. Not for smoking. They lied, they got caught, they faced consequences. It seems fairly straightforward to me. However, there are lots of local opinions that say different. Mostly along the lines of "They're discriminating against smokers!!1!!1!"

What do you guys think?

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