Friday, April 04, 2008

Blade runners! Or something...

Kev and I have taken up inline skating. We wanted to start doing something together outdoors and thought it'd be fun to try that. No broken bones or even falls yet. We were discussing where to start our little adventure, and briefly considered the hospital parking lot. Wide open space, and perfect location. Hee!

In the end, we settled on a pretty parklike area near the kids school, near a lake. The area is frequented by joggers, bikers, and now two fairly clumsy inline skaters.

There are lots of cries of "Whoooa!", and flailing of arms, but it's so fun. (Once, I got up some speed and flew by Kevin shouting in a mild panic "It's gonna hurt when I fallllll!")

Thursday we were all excited because the weather was nasty, but the local rink had open skate from 1-3 PM. Ooh, that's when the kids are in school! Yay, off we go!

Oh. Right. Homeschool kids. Lots of them. Including one pushing his baby sister in a stroller around and around and around the rink. And the music: Hannah Montana, HSM, and Kidz Bop. Which I don't object to as a whole, but I'd geared myself up for some adult time, and the kid invasion wound up irritating me. Once they took a request for Alvin and the Chipmunks "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", I was pretty much done.

Kev looked at me during a particularly wretched version of a Queen song and said "I have better Queen remixes at home." I responded by snarling "THE AMISH have better Queen remixes than this", and we took off our skates and left.

Bad me for being cranky. I love kids - it's why I have three of them, and last winter in Disney World, I sang and danced along to the HSM show as enthusiastically as my children. But sometimes you want some adult time. And not getting it when I expected it made me crabby. So shame on me, I'll be nicer next time!

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