Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, everyone else is talking about it this morning, I may as well hop on the bandwagon.

Kev and I were very rudely woken up this morning by what they're currently calling a 5.4 earthquake. I woke up first, rolled over, poked Kev, and said "What are you DOING?" Then I realized that yes, the bed was shaking, but I could hear things rattling all over the house as well.

It was a longer one than the last one that hit here - maybe 45-60 seconds. Long enough to be kind of scary.

We turned on the radio to hear a special bulletin. "Yes, it was an earthquake. No, no damage reported yet." They said the phones at 911 were going crazy, so Kev is VERYHAPPY not to be at work right now.

I hopped out of bed - couldn't go back to sleep for a bit after that, and started looking up news stories.

Now I'm looking up stories and chatting w/my friend Shawn, who is making me laugh so hard I'm afraid I'll wake the kids.

One news article included a mention that the earthquake shook the bedside dresser of some random woman in Northern Indiana. His comment on that: "are they just driving around with a large bullhorn saying "WHO WANTS TO TALK TO THE NEWS ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE? wE'LL GIVE YOU WENDY'S COUPONS"".


Not much else to tell. It happened, it was scary, everyone's okay, now it's done. But it will be all everyone in the city talks about all day. So that'll be interesting.

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