Sunday, June 01, 2008


As I said before, VFK is having a lot of bugs, this one is just a little bit major! I found this on the website:

As you may have heard in the news, there was a large explosion caused by electrical equipment failure in the H1 data center in Houston that knocked down three walls at about 5:00 PM CDT. Fortunately, and most importantly, no one was injured. In addition, no data was lost and there appears to be no damage to the servers or networking equipment.

They are very happy their computers are alright:)
and this:

From Doug Erwin (The Planet):"This evening at 4:55pm CDT in our H1 data center, electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and fire that knocked down three walls surrounding our electrical equipment room. Thankfully, no one was injured. In addition, no customer servers were damaged or lost."
"We have just been allowed into the building to physically inspect the damage. Early indications are that the short was in a high-volume wire conduit. We were not allowed to activate our backup generator plan based on instructions from the fire department."
"Our initial assessment, although early, points to being able to have some service restored by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Rest assured we are working around the clock."
"I am sorry that this accident has occurred and I apologize for the impact."

update 2:

Our various departments continue to work very hard to restore service to our H1 data center. We expect to have ServerCommand access restored within the next several hours as well as access to single homed nameservers out of H1 redirected to another facility.
We will continue to provide status updates once an hour. We do not have an Estimated Time to Repair at present.

Wow, this shocked me. Last night I was playing it and suddenly I got that Internet explorer cannot display this webpage thing. I thought it was probably just a problem with too many players or something. I never expected anything like this!

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