Friday, June 20, 2008


It's for Keep It Simple, *Sister*. Don't call me stupid, I can do that myself, thanks. [wink]

Back to the basics for me. Now that I'm home (Ooh, yeah - I'm Stay-At-Home-Mommying now!), I'd gotten all excited about having time to cook more, which I like to do. After a few weeks of fancy meals involving yummy delicacies that most adults would love, I finally got it through my thick skull that little tummies don't appreciate this stuff all that much.

So it's back to the basics for us: grilled cheese, spaghetti, tacos, fish sticks, that kind of thing. With the occasional battle over a chef salad when it's just too stinkin' hot to cook. I have very good intentions of purchasing and using this book. I got it from the library and read it, and it was REALLY good. But who know if I'll find time.

Anyway, I tend to do that in most facets of my life: Seriously over complicate things that are just no big deal. I'm slowly (SLOWLY. I'm so stubborn) learning to apply the KISS rule to more things. Let's see if the lesson sticks, or if I'll bury myself in lists and methods and intricate plans on how to simplify things!

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