Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feed me!

Found this food meme at KRADical's LJ.

What's the last thing you ate? Chopped chicken and cheese in a tortilla shell.

What's your favorite cheese? That white queso they serve at Los Bravos (local Mexican restaurant) that melts easily to dip chips into.

What's your favorite fish? That faux fish at LJS!

What's your favorite fruit? bananas

When, if ever, did you start liking olives? I think I liked green olives when I was very young, but no more.

When, if ever, did you start liking beer? Never have, probably never will.

When, if ever, did you start liking shellfish? Not really a sea food person (more of a see-food person!). I first tried lobster and crab when I was in high school. I didn't *not* like it - just kinda indifferent.

What was the best thing your parent/s used to make? Dude! Moms homemade cinammon rolls!

What's the native specialty of your home town? Turoni's Pizza! (wait, does that count?)

What's your comfort food? Sweets - namely cake and cinammon rolls.

What's your favorite type of chocolate? Milk Chocolate.

How do you like your steak? Until very recently, it was very well done. I'd tell the waitress basically bring me a charcoal briquette. But lately I've been leaning towards a more medium well.

How do you like your burger? With cheese. lettuce and tomato.

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, over-well, or made into an omelete.

How do you like your potatoes? French Fried, German Fried, American Fried, Baked, Soup, skins, chips...

How do you take your coffee? I don't.

How do you take your tea? Only Rubi's sweet tea will do. No one else's compares.

What's your favorite mug? I don't have one.

What's your cookie of choice? My mother-in-law's snickerdoodles.

What's your ideal breakfast? Well, I usually don't eat breakfast. But my ideal breakfast is a huge buffet.

What's your ideal sandwich? Ever heard of a Fat Darrell?! Hah, I kid! Let's see: probably hoagie or sub-style, with ham, roast beef, turkey, pepperoni, salami, bacon, american cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, colbyjack cheese, lettuce, tomato...

What's your ideal pizza (topping and base)? Turoni's Pepperoni and chicken with tomato sauce on a cracker-style crust. Though I'm finding changing out the tomato sauce for a light ranch sauce is sometimes fun.

What's your ideal pie (sweet or savory)? Is Cheesecake pie? If so, then cheesecake. Otherwise, chocolate pie.

What's your ideal salad? Romaine and iceberg lettuce. That is all.

What food do you always like to have in the fridge? egss

What food do you always like to have in the freezer? Chicken breasts.

What food do you always like to have in the cupboard? Bread.

What spices can you not live without? Salt and pepper?

What sauces can you not live without? Rubi's been making a really good tomato sauce for lasagna lately.

Where do you buy most of your food? Walmart. (shuttup, I know I know...)

Sheesh... this is a freakin' long meme!

How often do you go food shopping? Every two weeks on payday to stock up, and then probably about twice a week in-between to get things we forgot or ran out of right after going shopping.

What's the most you've spent on a single food item? Too much?

What's the most expensive piece of kitchen equipment you own? Rubi! She's priceless!

What's the last piece of equipment you bought for your kitchen? I think Rubi bought some small stuff from Pampered Chef.

What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without? The fridge?

How many times a week/month do you cook from raw ingredients? Not often.

What's the last thing you cooked from raw ingredients? Cupcakes/muffins a couple of days ago. I made a dozen vanilla cake muffins, and there was enough batter for another dozen, so I added some brown sugar and cinammon to the batter and made a dozen cinammon muffins.. Yum!

What's your favorite thing to make for yourself? I just described it.

What meats have you eaten besides cow, pig, chicken and turkey? I think I've had veal.

What's the last time you ate something that had fallen on the floor? Never! Gross! ...mumble mumble... a couple of days ago - it was a piece of popcorn.

What's the last time you ate something you'd picked in the wild? It's been awhile.

Place the following cuisines in order of preference (greatest to least): Italian, sushi, Chinese, French, Indian, Thai. Italian, Chinese. That's about it, thanks.

Place the following boozes in order of preference (greatest to least): Whiskey, tequila, vodka, brandy, gin, rum. No thanks.

Place the following flavors in order of preference (greatest to least): Garlic, ginger, basil, aniseed, lime. About that probably, except, WTH is aniseed?

Place the following fruits in order of preference (greatest to least): cherry, apple, orange, pineapple, watermelon. For me: Apple, orange... not crazy about the others.

Bread and spread: Sandwich Bread, toasted, with butter or jam, or butter and cinammon sugar.

What's your fast food restaurant of choice, and what do you usually order? Usually it turns out to be Mickey D's Cheeseburgers and fries. I guess I don't really have a favorite. I'll eat at wherever we go.

What are three of the best dining-out experiences you've had? ooh interesting and thought provoking. In no particular order:
1) When my boss at the first job I had took me and my friend out to dinner to celebrate graduating from high school. Nothing particularly great about the food, but it was a good time, and introduced me to a restaurant where I would take my dates later on.
2) Chef Mickey's character breakfast at WDW with my kids. Watching them participate in the festivities is a blast.
3) Anytime Rubi and I get to eat out as a couple, without the kiddos.

What's your choice of tipple at the end of a long day? I don't tipple.

Favorite cookbook/s? The menu at the pizza place.

Got any favorite food blogs? Nope.

What's the next thing you'll eat? Another tortilla with chicken and cheese. I think I'll add some taco sauce from Taco Bell this time (found some in the cabinet here at work).

Yeah... now I'm hungry.

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