Saturday, January 24, 2009

MCF Test 25

I can't believe MCF has reached number 25 in his Astonishing Tests.  He's had a rough month, and we wish him and his clan well.
On with the answers:
1) Where were you when America's new president was sworn into office?
Asleep.  I had worked 3rd shift the night before.
2) Who is your favorite legacy hero and why?
Not sure. The only one I can really think of that's close is Zorro from the recent movies - and does that even count? Anthony Hopkins wasn't really Antonio Banderas' father in the films.
3) What was your best concert experience?
Haven't been to many concerts. Took Rubi to a Petra concert before we got married. Went to a few country music concerts when we worked in radio... went some "concerts" at church...
4) You're piloting a plane when geese fly into your engine; what do you do?
Hope my parachute isn't a knapsack!
SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: Can you name all the GoBots in the following questionable clip?
Apart from Leader-1, nope.  And *where* do you find this stuff?!

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